“I would highly recommend Tania’s services to any breastfeeding mothers who may be having challenges:  she is a very caring person. Tania offers a wealth of breastfeeding knowledge and coaches you in the comfort of your own home. She also provides great support by email after your home consultation. She answers all questions thoroughly and gives each issue the time it needs. I never felt rushed working with Tania.” – V. Kitchener

“We called Tania after our son stopped latching and my midwives were unable to  offer any new advice.  My body was having a difficult time establishing a supply of milk even one full week after our son was born.  Tania visited our home when our son was seven days old.  After Tania’s informative visit on a Sunday, she assessed a tongue tie, which have been a factor in my lack of supply.   My son returned to the breast Monday evening, as more milk was coming in, but only for a few minutes at a time. We continued to supplement with pumped milk and formula waiting to be seen by a pediatrician to diagnose the tongue tie.

That Wednesday afternoon, we had an appointment at the Cambridge Pediatric and Breastfeeding Clinic, where they performed the procedure on the tongue tie.  He latched on right away, and it was totally different.  I hadn’t felt anything like that before when he was on the breast!  It was an incredible feeling for me as his mother to know it might just work now and I could feed my son.  He continued to nurse with gusto well into the evening.  All my friends shared that you will be engorged and soak shirts, but I had never had that before.  In the wee hours of the morning, waking to a hungry baby, I had my first overwhelming milk supply with a soaked shirt.  I sprayed him down when I lifted my heavy, milk filled breast to feed him.  It was great to hear him gulp and swallow trying to keep up!

We stopped supplementing after that, as he had regained all his birth weight and then some!  Yesterday, we put away the newborn clothes, and grandparents who haven’t seen him for the last two weekends can’t get over how “full” his face is.  Things have totally turned around for us.

Thanks again for your help.  (Noticing the symptoms of ) the tongue tie and your encouragement were totally worth every penny of your fee.  My husband and I were ready to give up, but we pushed through knowing that it could get better post tongue tie.   Since it did, we are so happy.  When we tell people we paid for a private lactation consultant, we hear, “Oh, that’s so expensive.” (It really is a reasonable fee for the time you spent with us.)  The cost savings in formula alone make up for your fee.  What is priceless, for me as his mother, is that I can feed my son.  There is no dollar amount for the joy we share together when he nurses.”   – Mary-Kathryn, Guelph